Executive Search and Strategic Consulting




We are an executive search and strategic consulting firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve their most important goals. Whether it is finding a key member for their Board, leadership or management teams - or deciding on which strategic path to pursue - or uncovering opportunities for growth or efficiency gains - we help our clients make it happen.

Proven Processes

Our methods and tools are rigorous, thorough and results-focused. We do not leave success to chance, but rather we follow proven processes to achieve superior results.

Industry Knowledge

Our partners and consultants have extensive industry experience. We understand our clients’ business, allowing us to deliver value from the very beginning of the project.

Experienced Consultants

Not only do we have an industrial foundation, but our partners and consultants have significant experience in the executive search and strategic consulting profession. 

Quality over Quantity

We work with fewer clients on more selective projects. Unlike other firms, our experienced partners and consultants are available to do most of the project execution work themselves.  

Oil & Gas Executive Outlook 2018

We surveyed hundreds of oil & gas executives to determine the trends and issues for 2018 and the next five years.

Venture Capital Triage - The Three Most Important Questions
Usually, Venture Capitalists (VCs) will triage opportunities with three primary questions in mind.
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